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Should I get a puppy?

Do I have the time?

Having a puppy is a considerable time commitment: training, exercise, play, and mental stimulation are necessary and time-consuming. Training is essential during the first few months of your puppy's life, and you should make sure you can do at least 15 minutes every day. From now on, your dog will need daily exercise, and some breeds need a lot more than others. Have in mind a time between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the breed. Young dogs want to play, and you should allow time for this too.

Can I afford it?

Buying a puppy, food, training, toys, lead, collar and harness(es), pet insurance, vaccinations, flea treatments and wormers, crate or pen, damage repair, puppy pads, training treats, dog walker, sitter, kennels for when you are on holiday. Since covid has started, puppy prices have soared, but that is just a small amount of the cost involved.

Is my home suitable for the breed I want?

Energetic breeds need indoor and outdoor space suitable to their activity levels. It can be really sad to see an active breed struggling to cope in a small flat. This can lead to frustration from the dog and human. If you are in a flat without an outside area, you will need to regularly take your pup to the street to get them off the puppy pads.

The well-being of my children

Children can struggle with biting puppies, and the more they scream and run around, the worse it gets. You will need to show your children how to behave around the puppy and how to deal with puppy biting. If the children are not confident with dogs, this can shatter their confidence and can be upsetting.

The well-being of other pets in my home 

Some older dogs love having a new puppy in the house, and it can bring them a new lease of life. Others will struggle with a bouncy over-the-top puppy jumping on them and constantly to make them play. Consider the effect on cats and small furries. It can take some time for a cat to be comfortable around a puppy if its not use to dogs. 

Physical fitness and mental health

Consider if you will be healthy enough to exercise and entertaining a dog for the next 10-17 years. Training often takes place with us sitting on the floor. Some people find it very stressful having a puppy in the house. We must keep calm and work on positive reinforcement; angry outbursts and frustration won't make your puppy behave better. Be honest with yourself before you pay that deposit.


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