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Positive Dog & Puppy Training for Brighton & Hove

Hello, I'm Matt and I understand that great dogs come from strong, positive relationships with their owners. Together we will work to help you better understand your dog's thinking style and methods of learning.

Could your dog be a little easier to live with? Would you like it if she didn't drag you down the street on the end of the lead? Does he refuse to let go of toys? Are you struggling to housetrain your puppy? Have you adopted a dog and found out she has issues? Is his jumping up driving you and your visitors crazy?

Matt Jones Dog Trainer

I can help with basic training and in transforming unwanted behaviours using techniques that will leave your dog happy and balanced. My methods are kind, gentle and enjoyable for the dog and the owner. The dog is never put in a position where it is expected to fail. Using positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the most effective method of training dogs (and humans).

I have years of experience of working with pet dogs and I am constantly updating my skills and knowledge with training at the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Your dog's training will begin in your home and then progress to real world situations as necessary. Working with you, I will show you practical skills to create your perfect canine friend. 

Understanding how dogs learn opens the gates to unlimited possibilities. Your newfound skills will be useful for every other dog you meet or parent in the future.

Call me (Matt Jones) on 07774 780515 or 01273 380174 to book an initial consultation in your own home. This takes up to 2 hours depending how complex and long standing any problems are. I will take a thorough history of the dog and talk about all aspects of its life. Together we'll create an action plan and begin some training, with some homework for you and fido!


Puppy Training

Everyone loves puppies, right? If you are thinking about buying a puppy or have recently bought one if can help you avoid common pitfalls and show you how to nurture your pet into happy adulthood. It's always best to prevent unwanted behaviour occurring rather than to fix it after it's happened.

I would love to show you the joy of having your puppy understand its first trick or command. By developing attentiveness and enjoyable effective training techniques you will begin a wonderful life together.

It's important to get the life saving commands well trained early in the puppy's life. Together we can make these commands solid so that they work in every situation imaginable. Let's get started!


Contact & Prices

Fully Insured with PetPlanCall Matt 07774 780515 or 01273 380174. E-mail I'm based in Freshfield Rd, Brighton, but training will be in your own home or local park.

My hourly rate for 1-2-1 dog/puppy training is £25.

Initial consultation for dogs over 6 months (up to 2 hours) = £45

For travel outside Brighton & Hove there is an additional mileage charge of £5

I will travel up to 15 miles from Brighton & Hove as far as Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Lewes, Newhaven and Worthing.

Mon-Fri 11am 7pm
Sat/Sun 11am 4pm