Matt Jones, Positive Reinforcement Puppy & Dog Training Brighton & Hove Lewes Area

Dog Training Brighton and Hove

Hi there! I'm Matt, and I'm a professional dog and puppy trainer in Brighton. I truly believe that a great dog starts with a positive and trusting relationship between the owner and their furry friend. That's why I'm here to help you better understand your dog's thinking style and the best methods for training them.

I specialise in positive reinforcement training, which means that I won't be yanking on your dog's lead, shouting at them, or using any kind of intimidation tactics. Instead, I'll be teaching you and your dog through fun activities, treats, toys, and lots of encouragement. This method has been proven to be the quickest and most effective way to train your dog without causing any harm or fear.

My goal is to help you build a strong bond with your dog so that they become a confident, happy, and well-trained companion that you can enjoy spending time with. I visit and train your dog in your home in the Brighton, Hove, and Lewes areas. My work area stretches from Peacehaven to Shoreham on the coast and inland from Henfield, Burgess Hill to Lewes/Ringmer.

I'm constantly learning and growing as a dog trainer, and I've taken several courses with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers over the years. These include puppy development and training, dog-to-dog aggression and rehabilitation, dog-to-human aggression, and separation anxiety. I spend about 10 days training each year, and I'm always practicing new techniques to make sure that I'm providing the best service possible. I've even taken a CPD accredited canine emergency first aid course, so you can rest assured that your furry friend is in good hands.

Let's work together to build a strong, positive, and loving relationship with your dog.


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