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Puppy house training the positive way - Please do not rub his nose in it.

The rolled-up newspaper brigade still consider this as an option for house training, but it usually fails and is far slower and more painful than the positive reinforcement methods that modern dog trainer use. We don’t want a puppy who is fearful of of his owner and stinks of his own excrement!

I know when I meet a dog that has been treated this way because the owner will tell me that the dog is peeing behind the sofa, under the bed or in other secret places. This a logical reaction from the puppy because they know that the owner will hit punish them if they are seen to toilet. These dogs seldom go in the garden if the owner is watching either.

So how do we do it?

We’re going to teach the puppy three commands OUTSIDE, GO WEE WEES and GO DOO DOOS. You can pick your own words these are the ones I use.

Outside: Take your dog out every hour and say OUTSIDE every time you do. If the pup has an accident indoors, gently pick them up and say OUTSIDE and take them to the garden. Be prepared to reward (reinforce) them if they go again.

Whilst they are going toilet outside say wee wees or doo doos while they are going. As soon has they have finished say GOOD and give a tasty food reward.

Repeat and repeat, be patient. It takes at least a month, sometimes three months.

Remember; puppies have small bladders and need to go frequently.

Learn to spot the funny walk puppies do before they toilet. Most will give you clues by walking in circles sniffing the ground. This is the time to go outside even if they have been recently.

Puppies usually need to go after food or drink, when they first wake up, after a play session and when visitors arrive.

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